Website Revamped

I’ve been working countless hours on revamping our website, and it seems to be pretty close to done (it can be used now lol) I’ve loaded it with tons of new features, including multiple chat rooms and a new knowledge base to list detailed information and instructions for our website, game servers, donation packages, monthly subscriptions and more.
Note: Knowledge base content will be added over the next week, there’s a lot.

JunkBox Gaming’s slogan has always been “because gaming is better with friends” so in the spirit of that, I also added various social features to the website that are aimed specifically at gamers, which will hopefully be used to help players connect with others who share the same gaming interests.

• Personal activity feed to post updates, images, videos and more for your friends and/or fellow community users.

• Profile fields show information about who you are as a gamer, such as age, country, in-game usernames, discord username, game list and gamer bio.

• Notifications to alert you of mentions, replies, messages, received friend requests, accepted friend requests, received group invites, group updates, group rank promotions and group join requests.

• Messages system that offers real time private messaging with a single thread inbox, time stamps, file attachments and emojis.

• Friends lists allow you to control your privacy and separate friends from the general public, you can send, receive, accept and reject friend requests.

• Groups can be created by users for various reasons and include their own group activity feed, forum and member list for managing clans, in-game communities and any other type of groups.

• Invitations can be sent to invite your friends to join JunkBox Gaming, naturally we always appreciate this.

There is so much more that I really don’t want to type it all, and there will be more added to better the “for gamers” feel so stay tuned for the updates.

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