Bronze Donation


  • 100 Gold Tokens

    Gold tokens are a requirement for premium-only crafting recipes and can also be exchanged for 25 gold coins each at the token exchange.

  • Premium UI

    The premium user interface is accessible from anywhere by using Alt + ~ and gives players unlimited portable access to the marketplace as well as various premium-only features.
    e.g. trader, banker, teleporter, gambler, enchanter, quests, info

  • Premium UI » Premium Trader

    The premium trader stocks over 250 items available for purchase using gold coins.

  • Premium UI » Premium Banker

    The premium banker gives 2x more interest on gold coins compared to non-premium bankers.

  • Premium UI » Premium Teleporter

    The premium teleporter has no restrictions and new destinations are added upon request.

  • Premium UI » Premium Enchanter

    The premium enchanter contains various temporary buffs available for purchase using gold coins.

  • Premium UI » Premium Quests

    The premium quests payout in silver tokens and are balanced to give double the total reward compared to non-premium quests.

  • Premium UI » Premium Info

    The premium info is essentially a collection of detailed information related to premium features, what they are, and how to use them.

  • Discord Role (Bronze Donator)

    Ability to access the donator area in our discord containing news, general chat, and special giveaways for donators only.


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