Mass Wipe: Complete

The mass 7 days to die server wipe is complete, all 4 new maps (easy, medium, hard, pvp) are online and functioning properly, if anything seems to be “off” about them please don’t hesitate to contact an admin so we can solve the problem as soon as possible.

Some adjustments were made to the game settings/difficulty for easy, medium and hard, i personally think it will be much better now, easy isn’t “as easy” and hard isn’t “as hard” as before.

There’s also a “/fortress” again, the indestructible blood moon spot that allows for melee and ranged combat without necessarily dying or having to repair the horde base.

As always thank you all for playing JunkBox servers, if you appreciate the time and work we put in and would like to contribute, drop us a donation or subscribe at to help keep us going strong and keep our community growing!

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