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Server Details (PvP)

Server Settings
Game Difficulty: 2 [0-5]
Drop On Death: Everything
Loot Respawn Days: 14 [in-game days]
Land Claim Decay Mode: Slow
Land Claim Online Durability: 8x
Land Claim Offline Durability: 16x
Description: The settings listed here are specific to the PvP server.

Connection IP The IP address required to connect to the PvP server.

Connection Port
26930Description: The port required to connect to the PvP server.

Steam Link
steam://connect/ The steam link can be used to directly connect to the Easy PvE server.

Interactive Map
NoneDescription: The interactive map is not available on the PvP server.

CSMM Shop The CSMM shop for the PvP server allows players to spend JunkBuks they’ve earned by being in game, killing zombies, killing players and posting on discord, on various in-game items with this user-friendly web interface.

Voting Page The voting page can be used to vote for the PvP server, which is required to receive the daily voting reward of 1000 dukes casino tokens, redeemable by using “/vote” in-game after voting.

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