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  • First 😄
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  • Hey's nice to be back playing and see you guys are still going strong...your were the best host around and l look forward to playing on your server again.
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  • Question: Is there an average game day you let the servers run to before a wipe is done? Or a number of real world months, etc? I see the MEDIUM server is on game day 600+ and if it is going to be wiped in the next couple of weeks I may hold off creating a toon. I realize that release of a significant patch may mandate an update/wipe but aside from that what is your rule of thumb for keeping a server running on a particular version? Thanks in advance and have a great day.
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  • rule of thumb is usually 1000 days or more
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  • Hey all, the Medium PVE 7 Days Server shows down for 5 hours.
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  • oof
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