Mass Wipe: Complete

The mass 7 days to die server wipe is complete, all 4 new maps (easy, medium, hard, pvp) are online and functioning properly, if anything seems to be “off” about them please don’t hesitate to contact an admin so we can solve the problem as soon as possible. Some adjustments were made to the game […]

Website Revamped

I’ve been working countless hours on revamping our website, and it seems to be pretty close to done (it can be used now lol) I’ve loaded it with tons of new features, including multiple chat rooms and a new knowledge base to list detailed information and instructions for our website, game servers, donation packages, monthly […]

Website Downtime

The website will be down from time to time over the next couple of days for major updates, please do not contact admins about this as they can not do anything. Some things to look forward to so far include the following:• A completely revamped website layout and overall design.• A feature that automatically posts […]