Admins and Mods Wanted

We are currently looking for administrators and moderators to help out around the community, by doing various things such as advertising, marketing, gaining new players, solving in-game issues, creating events, answering support tickets, monitoring chat, file editing and more.

We are extremely short staffed and are looking to fill the gap, but not just anyone will do… to become a member of our team you have to be willing to learn, stay active, be helpful, and not cheat.

If you have any of the skills listed in this post, that’s a huge plus, however NO SKILLS ARE REQUIRED, if you don’t know how things work we will teach you everything you need to know.

If anyone is interested, please DM me (DavSlo) on discord and ill give you the whole rundown, I’ll start you off on a 7 day probation period, and if your doing good at the end of the 7 day probation period you will officially be a staff member.

1 thought on “Admins and Mods Wanted

  1. well, not really any skills definitively listed, but i’m willing to moderate a little bit. I actually don’t want power, but I would like ana ctive community and helping you guys have ana ctive community seems fun to me. i’ve brought up putting a clickable ‘join discord community’ button in my twitch profile a week or so ago, still upf or that. and personally, i dislike even getting handouts to a point. yay for tools but – lemme do all the work lol

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