A Quick Update

Recently we announced that the servers were not getting enough donations to cover the monthly costs to keep them running, which was the result of a tax change earlier this year that required us to create a new paypal account and regain our monthly subscribers all over again, starting with none.

Thankfully a few generous donators came through with enough to cover the cost this month and keep us going, however we are still hoping to gain new monthly subscribers to get us back on track and avoid this issue in the future.

Also, Discord Server Changes

Reaction roles has been removed, everyone can now access all channels apart from admin and donor channels, which require a special role.

The “FreeStuff” bot has been added to the discord that will post an announcement in the new #free-stuff channel when a game is being given away for free by Steam, Epic, GoG etc. Check in regularly to see what’s currently free.

New channels have been added to the discord under the “Community” category to promote more user on user interaction. Including books and reading, games and simulators, images and videos, movies and television & music and radio.

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